B-Side: 2017 Year in Review Pt. 1


Thom looks awfully sad up there, and for good reason—2017, as a year, mostly served to prove that no dumpster fire is so heinous that it can’t be made even more dumpster-fiery. But because the universe is just packed with ironic twists, this was also one of the best years in music in recent memory (and not just because this was the year when your illustrious hosts first crashed on this awfully esoteric island). So, starting on this fine Saturnalia, we’re taking a break from our discographic discourse to look back at all the music that made existence just a little more bearable, even as the walls crumbled down around us.

The one issue with our format is that, while we get to explore so much music history in-depth, we rarely get to talk about all the contemporary artists that are making history right now. So there’s a lot of pent-up joy coming out in this episode, as we discuss top 40 surprises, the continued relevance of Flying Nun, and whether not having heard something really does make it new enough. And like any good Christmas special, we also take this time to look back at the work we’ve done, and even bring back a few fan-favorite guests to give us their take.

This episode, we go through podcasts past and our top five songs. Stay tuned next week for our top five albums!


The Story of O.J. – Jay-Z
Andrew Eldritch Is Moving Back To Leeds – The Mountain Goats
’74: No – The Magnetic Fields
French Press – Rolling Blackouts C.F.
Silver Velvet – The Courtneys
Boyfriend – Marika Hackman
Bad Liar – Selena Gomez
Prom – SZA
I Promise – Radiohead
Nothing Feels Natural – PRIESTS
Walkie Talkie – Palm
These Divided States – Micah Schnabel
Pleasure – Feist

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