B-Side: Mark Hollis

Mark Hollis

We’re coming up on our 50th episode, folks, and it’s gonna be a big one—Talk Talk. But we’re sensitive folk, and we can’t just jump into the deep end—we need to ease into it! And what better way to ease into Talk Talk than by discussing the last album any of its members ever released—Mark Hollis by Mark Hollis.

A sort of distant epilogue to the stunning & criminally ignored career of his former band, Mark Hollis’ eponymous solo album is the opposite of what you’d expect from a genius coming out of retirement for one last ride. It’s not an announcement of return—rather, it actively shuns all attention, every potential spotlight shining right through it, dissipating its delicate calm. In short, it’s quiet as fuck. And while Talk Talk were no strangers to silence, they never plumbed the depths of just how quiet you can be before you disappear like this before.

So while it’s chronologically an ass-backwards way to start our Talk Talk fortnight with the end of their publicly released work, it sonically makes perfect sense. Next week, things are going to get fuckin’ weird. For now, let’s just enjoy the silence, eh? Also: relative gayness, Thom Yorke’s library etiquette, and our final Chicago siren.


The Colour of Spring
A Life (1895-1915)
Westward Bound
The Gift

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