B-Side: The Supreme Jubilees


Are you ready to get down and dirty with the lord? Because you know we are—and so is the subject of this weeks B-Side: The Supreme Jubilees.

These guys are Andrew’s contribution to the one-album wonder side of “If I Haven’t Heard It, It’s New to Me Month”, and boy, they’re the epitome of the form. The Fresno, CA. Sextet (two sets of brothers, all cousins) existed for only a couple of years, released an album under extreme duress (they were kicked out of their first studio for being too funky), and were quickly forgotten. Luckily, the tireless crate-diggers at Light in the Attic managed to find that sole document—It’ll All Be Over—and put it back out into the spotlight. And thank God they did, because this is something strange and special.

The Supreme Jubilees are ostensibly a gospel band, and sure enough the Lord is in just about every word they sing. But musically it’s something completely outside what most would consider gospel. It’s a collection of funk jams, flirtations with disco, and the fatalistic slow jams more akin to This Mortal Coil than Blind Joe Taggart. There’s nothing else quite like what this album offers, and you better believe we dig in to every weird detail. Also: Sleepy Maxes, family affairs, and a 15 minute discussion on the place of anal sex in music.


It’ll All Be Over
You Don’t Know
Got a Right
Standing in the Need of Prayer


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