B-Side: Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers Greatest Hits

Tom Petty

The skies are dark across the heartland of the island, as we grieve the sudden death of Tom Petty. It’s a strange thing, when a musician whose work you take for granted as a constant source of joy and barroom camaraderie is suddenly taken—it forces you to reflect on just how much you came to love them. So its in that spirit that Max and Andrew have come together to celebrate America’s most jangly and least litigious musical genius, Tom Petty (& his ever loyal Heartbreakers). It’s our first and perhaps only episode examining a greatest hits compilation, but we think it’s worth it here, both as a means of approaching the breadth of his work and as a showcase for the incredible pop craftsmanship he showed throughout his career. So please join us on this genuine and enthusiastic celebration of Tom Petty, the one musician who it is literally impossible to hate, don’t even try. Also: a brief preview of our Deftones episode, Desert Island Discourse’s official stance on serial killers, and the new global standard for measuring Joy.


American Girl
Don’t Come Around Here No More

2 thoughts on “B-Side: Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers Greatest Hits

  1. I have loved every single song Tom Petty ever put out. I’m his age; I still act like a 16 yr old girl when hear his music. I so badly hurt knowing I’ll never attend another one of his concerts. I’ve loved all music always. Most of my favorite singers/groups have fallen away as I’ve gotten older thru 6 decades. Except Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers. My family, husband can’t understand why his songs mean so much to me. Think I’m a bit mad- live in crazy land. Maybe!! Fuckin Fine by me!! I LOVE THIS TOWN!! Just wish T.Petty con’t to live in my ‘town’….

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