Episode 10: Steely Dan


We’re back from our extended, technical difficulty fueled hiatus with just one important question: are you ready to feel the steel? I certainly wasn’t—I found it very unpleasant. But thanks to Andrew, our Month of Love and Hate continues with those smoothest of jazz dads, the one and only Steely Dan. Will these bitter perfectionists be the wedge the splits the island in twain? Or will Max finally see the light and embrace her inner dad? Either way, 12,000 Grammy voters can’t be wrong! Also: angry affirmations, surprising samples, and even more Mountain Goats.

Music List (all by Steely Dan unless otherwise noted):

Dr. Wu – The Minutemen

Reelin’ in the Years

Dirty Work


Show Biz Kids

Rikki Don’t Lose That Number

Through With Buzz

Bad Sneakers

Doctor Wu

Kid Charlemagne

The Fez

Black Cow

Deacon Blues

My Rival

Hey Nineteen

Any Major Dude Will Tell You


FM – The Mountain Goats

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