Episode 11: Lifter Puller/The Hold Steady


We’ve finally reached the end of our turbulent month of Hate and more Hate, and we’re capping it off with perhaps our most contentious episode yet, as Max subjects Andrew to her beloved Lifter Puller and its much more successful sequel, The Hold Steady—both the creations of one Craig Finn. Across this meandering tale of shock, awe, and despair, we work through problematic faves and drink more whisky than ever before in a desperate attempt to bridge the sudden taste gap that has separated Max and Andrew for lo these past two weeks. Will Max ever be able to convince Andrew to give in to the Finn? Judging by the number of sick burns delivered, the prognosis is not good. Also: In-Depth Lore Reviews, American Idiots, and the Many Deaths of Andrew Cothren.



Plymouth Rock*

Double Straps*

Mission Viejo*

Star Wars Hips (Slips Backwards Version)*

To Live and Die in LBI*

Nassau Coliseum*

Lonely in a Limousine*

Candy’s Room*

Space Humpin’ $19.99*

Lake Street is for Lovers*

The Flex and the Buff Result*

Secret Santa Cruz*

Curves and Nerves†

Positive Jam†

Certain Songs†

Killer Parties†

Your Little Hoodrat Friend†

Multitude of Casualties†

Cattle and the Creeping Things†

Stuck Between Stations†

Chips Ahoy!†

You Can Make Them Like You†

Constructive Summer†

Sequestered in Memphis†

Slapped Actress†

The Sweet Part of the City†

Hurricane J†


American Idiot®

Southtown Girls†

Nice Nice*

Slips Backwards*
*Performed by Lifter Puller
†Performed by The Hold Steady
®Performed by Green Day

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