Episode 13: Miracle Legion, Polaris, and Mark Mulcahy


Wellp, the Desert Island duo has really fallen into the old obscurity hole with this one, an examination of the career of a man best known for soundtracking an early Nickelodeon show. That’s right, today we’re covering the one and only Mark Mulcahy, from the early post-punk musings of his first band Miracle Legion through The Adventures of Pete and Pete and well into a solid if inconsistent solo career, all in a quest to turn one of our most beloved songsmiths into the household name he so richly deserves to be. But can their sheer enthusiasm defeat Skype lag, lack of sleep, and widespread public indifference? Don’t worry—rock and roll never dies, Thunderball. Also: exhaustion, heartbreak, and the Guardians of the Galaxy/Cruel Intentions slashfic you’ve always wanted.

The Backyard*


The Heart is Attached*

Mr. Mingo*

All for the Best*


The Ladies from Town*

Little Talks®

Pull the Wagon*

Cold Shoulder Balcony*

Snacks and Candy*

Out to Play*


I Wish I Was Danny Kaye*

Madison Park*


Hey Sandy†


Waiting for October†

Hurry Please Hurry‡


I just Shot Myself in the Foot Again‡

Cookie Jar‡

He’s a Magnet‡

Bailing Out on Everything Again‡

Stuck on Something Else‡

Catching Mice‡

Conflicted Interests‡


You’re the One Lee‡

Ciao My Shining Star‡

* Performed by Miracle Legion
® Performed by Of Monsters and Men
† Performed by Polaris
‡ Performed by Mark Mulcahy

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