Episode 14: American Emo 1995-1999


Put on your plain white tees and asymmetrical haircuts boys and girls—it’s time to get emo! That’s right, for our second survey episode we’re covering American Emo from 1995 to 1999—the era when emo went from a weepy offshoot of hardcore to a commercial juggernaut. And as puberty often is, this period is defined by plenty of awkward fumbling and experimentation, from the swirling post-hardcore of Sunny Day Real Estate to the quiet filigrees of American Football. It’s a difficult journey of self-discovery for the Desert Island Duo, but one with some rich rewards waiting for us at the end. Also: good and evil Kinsella brothers, catfished truckers, and the surprising connection between corn on the cob and Animal Collective.


Take On Me (A-Ha Cover) – Cap’n Jazz
Little League – Cap’n Jazz
Oh Messy Life – Cap’n Jazz
Friday – Sunny Day Real Estate
Red Elephant – Sunny Day Real Estate
Johnny on the Spot – Texas is the Reason
Everywhere in Denver – The Promise Ring
Thinking, That’s All – Jimmy Eat World
80-37 – Mineral
Breathing Lessons – Penfold
The New Nathan Detroits – Braid
Ariel – Braid
Urbana’s Too Dark – Braid
Never Meant – American Football
Stay Home – American Football
A Life of Possibilities – The Dismemberment Plan
What Do You Want Me to Say? – The Dismemberment Plan
The City – The Dismemberment Plan
But the Regrets Are Killing Me – American Football
Grendel – Sunny Day Real Estate

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