Episode 15: Sleater-Kinney


Rising from the ashes of catastrophic technical issues comes this, our first ever re-done episode. After our first attempt in the Month of Love and Hate was devoured by Audacity’s hideous maw, we had to let the fields lay fallow for a bit, but we’re coming back stronger and more in love than ever, to finally cover America’s Greatest Rock Band™—Sleater-Kinney. For the second time in our lives but the first in yours, we’re celebrating the storied discography of Carrie Brownstein, Corrin Tucker, Janet Weiss, and occasionally Laura MacFarlane, one of the very few we’ve encountered with nary a bummer disc in the bunch. So join Andrew and Max as they dish on the great hair and even greater chops of one of our favorite bands that we’ve ever discussed. Again. Also: Van Zandt Bandannas, the New Flesh, and another installment of Concert Report!

Music (All Songs by Sleater-Kinney Except as Noted)

Dream of the 90’s—Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein
The Day I Went Away
Slow Song
Be Yr Mama
Little Mouth
Good Things
I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone
Dig Me Out
One More Hour
Words and Guitar
Hot Rock
Get Up
Memorize Your Lines
Milkshake n’ Honey
You’re No Rock n’ Roll Fun
Leave You Behind
One Beat
#1 Must Have
The Fox
Modern Girl
What’s Mine is Yours
Bury Our Friends
Hey Darling
Quarter to Three
Complicated—Heavens to Betsy

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