Episode 17: Slowdive


-It’s been a pretty emotional week here on the island, as Max revisits one of her favorite bands (and the creators of her go-to breakup album)—Slowdive. Her diehard shoegaze fandom meets Andrew’s general shoegaze apathy as they tackle the brief yet fascinating discography of the only band Richey Edwards ever dubbed “worse than Hitler,” and find some surprising common ground in the lush pop anthems therein. Will this be the band that finally convinces Andrew of the glories of pedalboards? Will Max ever get over her totally real Canadian ex-girlfriend? And what does any of this have to do with ReBoot?

(All songs by Slowdive unless otherwise noted)

Avalyn 1
Spanish Air
Celia’s Dream
Catch the Breeze
40 Days
When the Sun Hits
Crazy for You
Blue Skied An’ Clear
Hide Yer Eyes
Star Roving
No Longer Taking Time
Golden Hair


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