Episode 18: The Kinks


It’s been a tumultuous week in Great Britain, and we’re reaching out to our fellow island dwellers the only way we know how: by talking about a bunch of albums for, like, 90 minutes. Specifically, we’re covering possibly the strangest, cleverest, and Englishest band to come out of the British Invasion: The Kinks! Long beloved by Andrew, occasionally confused for the Monkees by Max, the long running project of the Brothers Davies took us on quite a journey as we explored their first 11 albums. But will the snarky charms of Sir Raymond and Double Dave be enough to win out over a bad-blues-cover laden start and one of the worst concept albums ever recorded? Also: the dangers of nostalgia, uncomfortable Frank Zappa confessions, and the most anyone has ever talked about classic Tony Danza film She’s Out of Control


You Really Got Me

I’m On an Island

Tired of Waiting for You

Till the End of the Day

Little Miss Queen of Darkness

David Watts

Lazy Old Sun

Waterloo Sunset

The Village Green Preservation Society

Do You Remember Walter?



This Time Tomorrow


Oklahoma U.S.A.

20th Century Man

Where Are They Now?

One of the Survivors

Second-Hand Car Spiv

Salvation Road

People Take Pictures of Each Other


Dedicated Follower of Fashion


Post Script

This episode was initially posted by our web developer during a, let’s say, difficult website transition process. In the absence of any official synopsis, he wrote his own episode description, redolent with the kind of casual charm that makes him such a joy to work with. It’d be a shame to lose it, so I’m including it here for posterity.


This part right here is where Max or Andrew would write up something savvy and witty to describe the epic podcast episode about The Kinks. An episode so worthy of your attentions that it should not go unnoticed, nor should any other episode from the Desert Island Discourse. But since we’re literally working out some kinks (see what I did there), you’re going to have to settle for this mediocre write up because the original post has probably been sucked down the black hole of internet death and I have no idea what was written originally. And since the link that Max posted is something completely different that what the rest of the world is probably seeing, I (Scott) need to update this post so that everyone can at least have something to listen to without a stupid 404 error page.

So with great apologies, I really have no idea what the track listing is nor any detail on what’s discussed. Granted, I will be listening to this episode, but by then, within the good graces of sweet baby Jesus, all of this should be worked out and you will probably be seeing a more direct, useful post instead of my inconsistent dribble.

So please. Sit back. Relax. Pour yourself a nice glass of bourbon (I did), and enjoy this episode.

Many thanks and blessings,
– Scotty D.

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