Episode 19: P-Model


It’s summer here on the island, so we’re reviving ABC’s old justification for reruns to justify our own experimental indulgence and telling each other, “If I haven’t heard it, it’s new to me!” This week is kicking off a two week special where Andrew and Max each bring in an artist the other hasn’t heard of, and Max is starting us off with one of the most unpredictable bands in post-punk, Japan’s own P-Model! Modern day composer Susumu Hirasawa’s post-punk passion project went through a lot of changes over its 20 year existence, and we’re covering perhaps it’s most tumultuous period, from 1979’s Devo-biting debut In a Model Room to the baroque synth-pop of 1986’s One Pattern. In-between, we’ll journey through goofy atonality, reverb heavy no-wave, gorgeous Cure style ballads, and Art of Noise-esque sound collages. But will this island import tickle Andrew’s fancy? Probably! I mean, they’re a real good band. Also: music hipster dick measuring contests, the varied works of Satoshi Kon, and just so, so much poorly pronounced/translated Japanese.

Music (All songs by P-Model unless otherwise noted)


Dream Island Obsessional Park—Susumu Hirasawa

Art Mania

Health Angel


Art Blind



Different ≠ Another

Blue Print




Nokori Girigiri

Holland Element

Goes on Ghost


Frozen Beach

Fish Song


Dance Subomp


Oh Mama!



Kameari Pop

Another Day

Awakening Sleep ~alpha click

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