Episode 2: Radiohead


a.k.a. “Pod like Sardines in a Cast Tin Box”

Welcome back to the island!

Things have taken a turn for the anxious this week, as your hosts tackle the storied, unpredictable discography of that most unlikely of great bands, Radiohead. From brit-pop trifles to esoteric electronica to some awfully quaint Bush-era paranoia, we cover every croon, wail, and blip from everyone’s favorite prophets of urban despair.

Will our heroes crumble under the existential weight of an increasingly alienating world? Will Max ever figure out that the word she’s looking for is “unsettling”? And will Pablo Honey actually get more than a minute of discussion? The answer to all three is no, but you should listen to the episode anyway.
Here are the links to John Darnielle’s track-by-track analysis of Amnesiac:

Packt like Sardines in a Crushd Tin Can

Pyramid Song

Pulk/Pull Revolving Doors

You and Whose Army?

I Might Be Wrong

Knives Out

Morning Bell/Amnesiac

Dollars & Cents/Hunting Bears

Like Spinning Plates

Living in a Glass House

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