Episode 25: Animal Collective


Well we’ve made it folks—Desert Island Discourse has hit episode 25. And now that the island is officially old enough to rent a car, we figured the best way to celebrate is with our favorite bunch of screaming, pseudonymic songsmiths: Animal Collective. As one of the first bands that opened up Max and Andrew’s baby brains to the wonders of weird music, Animal Collective has long held a sweet, unique place in our hearts. So of course our attempt to trace their lineage from weird pop solo project to, uh, weird pop group project (with a lot of strangeness in between, we promise) resulted in a full two hours of gushing, tangents, and terrible, terrible puns, as well as the most insufferable installment of “Pitchfork Said it Worst” yet. Also: Max learns the difference between Blues Traveller and Collective Soul, Andrew throws foil at a cat, and we learn Avey Tare’s secret recipe for almond butter.


April and the Phantom
Chocolate Girl
Alvin Row
Penguin Penguin
Throwin’ the Round Ball
I See You Pan
Pride and Fight
Queen in My Pictures
Native Belle
Hey Light
Two Sails on a Sound
Leaf House
Who Could Win a Rabbit
Visiting Friends
Banshee Beat
Loch Raven
For Reverend Green
Prospect Hummer
Water Curses
My Girls
Guys Eyes
Wide Eyed
Mercury Man
On Delay
Brother Sport
Turn Into Something
What Would I Want? Sky


Who Could Win a Rabbit video

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