Episode 27: The Beach Boys

Beach Boys

Can you believe we’ve been trapped on this island nearly half a year, and never once discussed the beach or its titular boys? Well it’s about damn time we rectified that. So, with the help of return castaway/bearded bundle of joy Andy McAlpine, we’re going to take on one of the most legendary discographies we’ve yet encountered—The Beach Boys. The weird and wild world of the Wilson brothers is full of classics and clunkers, and on this episode we’re running the gamut of both, with a selection of albums ranging from the pure pop pleasures of The Beach Boys Today! to the lo-fi depths of Smiley Smile. In the process, we learn a lot about the glossed over depths of this band, the joys of life before and after Pet Sounds, and, of course, the epic heights of “Bull Session with ‘Big Daddy'”. Also: the world’s greatest box set, food party gender dynamics, and the perks of eating John Stamos.


CRVPT Cabaret (feat. Andy McAlpine): https://youtu.be/VTSDjipv6v8
Brian Wilson circa 1976: https://youtu.be/A9AenU9iWEs


Anti-Music Song—The Mountain Goats
Do You Wanna Dance?
Help Me, Rhonda
Kiss Me, Baby
Wouldn’t It Be Nice?
God Only Knows
Don’t Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder)
Wind Chimes
Little Pad
Good Vibrations
Heroes and Villains
Surf’s Up 1967 (Solo Version)
This Whole World
All I Wanna Do
Don’t Go Near the Water
Long Promised Road
A Day in the Life of a Tree
Let Us Go On This Way
Ding Dang
I’ll Bet He’s Nice
I Wanna Pick You Up
Surf’s Up
Mr. Wilson—John Cale

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