Episode 47: Neko Case

Neko Case

It’s a shorter episode this week, but, much like the woman who inspired it, it packs a wallop far outside its diminutive size. That’s right, this week we’re talking about the other five-foot assassin—Neko Case. And it’s packed with all the animal violence and subversive masculinity you’d expect.

Neko Case has been in music for nearly 25 years now, from her humble beginnings drumming for Vancouver punk bands to her current status as one of the most respected songwriters of her era. But in spite of her impeccable lyricism, musicianship, and genre-hopping experiments, she’s been somewhat marred by the abominable “alt-country” tag for her whole solo career—which is why, up to this week, Max had never heard of her.

So thank god Andrew was enthusiastic enough to bring her to the island, because her discography is one of the most fascinating we’ve ever picked through. After two albums of relatively straight-forward county, Neko Case gradually transformed into a strange, surrealist poet, someone who could adopt Nick Cave darkness and New Pornographers pop with equal aplomb.

It’s a haunting blast from start to finish—sort of like being shot out of a cannon into a ghost. Also: the Necco Wafer fortune, more a capella redemptions, and a swarm of Madonners.


Bowling Green
Furnace Room Lullaby
Things That Scare Me
Runnin’ Out of Fools
That Teenage Feeling
The Needle Has Landed
Star Witness
This Tornado Loves You
Never Turn Your Back on Mother Earth
People Got a Lotta Nerve
Nearly Midnight, Honolulu
Madonna of the Wasps
Last Lion of Albion
Bad Luck
Gumball Blue
Hold On, Hold On
Middle Cyclone
Knock Loud

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