Episode 48: Parenthetical Girls


Hoo boy, this event has taken a dark turn. In the first official installment of this year’s “If I Haven’t Heard It, It’s New to Me” month, Andrew has brought to the table the works of Parenthetical Girls, with the idea that it would spurn an interesting conversation between him and Max. He was right.

Parenthetical Girls is the project of one Zac Bennington, owner of the highest cheekbones in the Pacific Northwest, as well as someone whose recently earned the dubious title of Max’s Most Hated Musician. A protege of Xiu Xiu’s Jamie Stewart (who produced his first album), Zac started off making lo-fi bedroom music before spiraling into more a direct Xiu Xiu pastiche and, eventually, string-laden chamber pop. He’s also a smug asshat whose lyrics jump gayly over the line between provocative and malicious. You can see where some inter-host conflict would arise.

But their growth as musicians is a fascinating one, and beneath the terrible personalities are some actually really good songs. They’re basically the indie embodiment of cognitive dissonance, and the resulting episode can kindly be called one of our most animated. If you’re a Parenthetical Girls fan, we are deeply, deeply sorry. Also: hateful rosetta stones, Papa Roach’s discography, and the universality of cumming on the lawn.


Handsome Devil
C86 is Killing My Life
Inspirational Shortpants
Keyholes and Curtains
This Regrettable End
Evelyn McHale
A Note to Self
A Song for Ellie Greenwich
The Common Touch
Brimstone and Vaseline

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