Episode 5: The Mountain Goats Pt. 1 (Lo-Fi Era)


a.k.a. no please andrew don’t make me type this

Get your special shoes on, castaways—it’s time to tackle the epic heights of that most indelible of indie institutions, The Mountain Goats. Faced with a discography of 15 albums and counting (keep an eye out for Goths!), your desert island duo are approaching this task the only way they know how—by dividing, labeling, classifying, and (hopefully) conquering. Thus, we begin our story with the works of John Darnielle and his trusty boombox, covering his pre-Vanderslice works from Zopilote Machine to All Hail West Texas. Will this massive undertaking be the strain that finally tears the island apart? Can a lo-fi girl from Texas win out against a hi-fi city boy? And will there be any peanuts waiting for us at the end? Find out in our latest thrillingly folksy installment of Desert Island Discourse.

Song List:

  • The Sign (Ace of Base Cover)
  • Alpha Incipiens
  • Going to Georgia
  • The Recognition Scene
  • FM (Steely Dan Cover)
  • Cubs in Five
  • Lonesome Surprise
  • Waving at You
  • Snow Owl
  • Evening in Stalingrad
  • Jaipur
  • Family Happiness
  • The Alphonse Mambo
  • The Last Day of Jimi Hendrix’s Life
  • Alpha Omega
  • The Best Death Metal Band in Denton
  • Jenny
  • Color in Your Cheeks
  • Golden Boy

The Annotated Mountain Goats: http://kylebarbour.org/tmg/index.html

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