Episode 56: Scott Walker

Scott Walker

Oh god, it’s our greatest fear come true: a SpoOoOoOkiLy late episode! So late, in fact, that we missed both Halloween and Dia De Los Muertos. Like this is actually 4 days late. We’re terribly sorry. But in a way, that perfectly fits the subject of today’s episode, Scott Walker, who’s made a habit of going upwards of 11 years between albums. And, y’know, he’s pretty scary in his own right.

Formerly the singer and bassist for MOR also-rans The Walker Brothers (whom, we’re legally required to tell you, weren’t related and weren’t named Walker), Scott Walker (née Noah Scott Engels) emerged from that sappy cocoon a beautiful, string-laden butterfly, releasing 4 self titled solo albums over three years that were drenched in equal parts cheese and bile, most of which would go on to be critically and commercially acclaimed. But that was maybe the most normal part of his career—after Scott 4, shit got weird.

From 80’s duets with Billy Ocean to meat punching industrial music, Scott’s solo career from that point is maybe the most wildly varying of anyone we’ve covered, with the only tie being his impressionistic lyrics, golden baritone voice, and singular drive to just be absolutely batshit at all times.

That’s why we brought on desert island favorite and Actual Witch Caroline Belle Stewart to help us out with this deep, dark discography. It’s a halloween special for the ages! In, uh, November. Also: we break the orchestral binary, discuss the privilege of a vicarious apocalypse, and take the entire western Massachusetts performance art scene down a peg.


The Darkness
The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore – The Walker Brothers
Montague Terrace (In Blue)
Such a Small Love
Plastic Palace People
The Amorous Humphrey Plugg
It’s Raining Today
30 Century Man
The Seventh Seal
Hero of the War
Boy Child
Track Three
Shutout – The Walker Brothers
The Electrician – The Walker Brothers
Nite Flights – David Bowie
Track Six
The Cockfighter
Farmer in the City
Cossacks Are
Jolson and Jones
“See You Don’t Bump His Head”
Corps de Blah
SDSS146+13B (Zercon, A Flagpole Sitter)
My Death
Nite Flights – The Walker Brothers
Mrs. Murphy – The Walker Brothers

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