Episode 6: The Mountain Goats Pt. 2 (Hi-Fi Era)


Your desert island girl is on tour, and you know what that means: late episodes, loose editing, and a whole lot of Mountain Goats flavored discourse! Our exhausted but generally amiable hosts finish up their exploration of the Mountain Goats mammoth discography by covering all 9 albums that make up the hi-fi era so far. From the shaky yet atmospheric Tallahassee to the triumphant wrestle mania (unofficial) of Beat the Champ, we chart the path of these indie folk stalwarts from one man and a boombox to three men, a variety of actual producers, and relative stardom. Also: rare tracks, tales from the road, and 100% fewer dildos!


“Boys are Back in Town”


“No Children”

“Slow West Vultures”

“Palmcorder Yajna”


“Up the Wolves”

“Dance Music”

“Song for Dennis Brown”

“Half Dead”

“Get Lonely”

“In the Hidden Places”

“Heretic Pride”

“Lovecraft in Brooklyn”


“Isaiah 45:23”

“Psalms 40:2”

“Mosquito Repellant”

“Damn These Vampires”

“Outer Scorpion Squadron”

“For Charles Bronson”

“Amy (AKA Spent Gladiator 1)”

“The Diaz Brothers”

“In Memory of Satan”

“The Legend of Chavo Guerrero”

“Heel Turn 2”

“Hair Match”

“The Shadow Song”

“Mountain Goats T-Shirt Song”

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