Episode 62: Bill Evans

Bill Evans

To those of you who think of us as Indie Hipsters who refuse to break out of our safe zones, we say HA! You’re only mostly right, because on this episode we’re doing something we’ve never attempted before–an episode on a jazz artist, namely, Bill Evans.

Not that we don’t love jazz music–the subject of this very episode is one of Max’s favorite musicians of all time–but it’s definitely a genre that resists our treatment. It’s not just that jazz musicians tend to put out dozens of albums–it’s that we really don’t have the critical vocabulary to talk about this with the same acumen as we do other genres.

But who cares when the music is this good? Bill Evans body of work is intimidatingly large, sure, but it’s also home to some of the most delicately melodic piano music ever put to tape, and the breadth of work across his 20+ year career is truly a staggering achievement. To give it as good an overview as we can, we’re cherry picking works from across his discography, from his earliest celebrity endorsed offerings to his very last recorded work. It’s rich, it’s beautiful, and we had a blast digging into it. And whether you’re a jazz scholar or a total neophyte, we think you will too.


What Kind of Fool Am I?
Peace Piece
Lucky to Be Me
Someday My Prince Will Come
Blue in Green
Autumn Leaves
How Deep is the Ocean?
The Boy Next Door
Gloria’s Step (Take 2)
Jade Visions
My Foolish Heart
Waltz for Debbie
Stella by Starlight
‘Round Midnight
Love Theme From ‘Spartacus’
Isn’t It Romantic?
You Must Believe in Spring
Theme From M*A*S*H (aka Suicide is Painless)
Gary’s Theme
Noelle’s Theme
I Do It For Your Love
I Loves You Porgy
Alice in Wonderland
Time Remembered

…A Few Final Bars

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