Episode 7: The Microphones (Phil Elvrum Pt. 1)


Ravaged by tour strife and the rigors of funemployment, your beleaguered hosts call upon their deepest inner resources (and the magic healing powers of whisky) to steady themselves for another epic two parter—an exploration of the wild and ranging works of Phil Elvrum/Elverum. Luckily, we’re starting small, with the four official studio albums that make up the discography of that late, great early Elvrum project, the Microphones. But beset on all sides by despair, distortion, and the Big Black Death, will even this small task prove too much for Max and Andrew? Judging by the 45 minutes of drunken rambling we cut from the episode, the answer is “probably.” Also: The rise and fall of Incubus, DRUMS DRUMS DRUMS, and a brief discussion of Mac McCaughan’s relative chunkiness



Get Off the Internet

It Wouldn’t

Florida Beach

Where It’s Hotter Pt. 3

The Pull


I Want Wind to Blow

The Glow Pt. 2

My Warm Blood

The Moon

The Sun

Mt. Eerie

Universe (1)

Headless Horseman


Bass Drum Dream

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