Episode 8: Mount Eerie (Phil Elverum pt. 2)


It’s been a heady month for the castaways this March, as we weathered a self-inflicted hurricane of tours and two-parters that (vaguely) threatened to drown us. But the end is in sight, and who better to shepherd us through this all-consuming fury than famed storm-chaser Phil Elverum? Join us as we finish our deep dive into his discography with the wild and wide-ranging works of Mount Eerie. In the process, your hosts will swing from measured singer-songwriter talk to ecstatic joy to utter speechlessness, in what is quite possibly our most epic episode yet. Also: plenty of cowboy talk, Max’s Monologue Moment, and more pained sighs per minute than ever before!



I Know No One

(2 Lakes)

I Hold Nothing

Flaming Home

Voice in Headphones

Moon Sequel

Wooly Mammoth’s Mighty Absence

Wind’s Dark Poem

Through the Trees


Between Two Mysteries

Through the Trees Pt. 2

The Place I Live

House Shape

Pale Lights

Ocean Roar

Ocean Roar (Pre-Human Version)



Organs (From Pale Lights)

Clear Moon


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