The Lost Episode: Sleater-Kinney (Demo)


Wellp, it happened again—due to a combination of audacity and human error, our Aphex Twin episode has been lost to time. But that’s ok—every podcast worth their salt needs a lost episode, and now we have one to take the place of our old lost episode, which has recently been salvaged from the bleached coral depths of our fateful island! That’s right, our original Sleater-Kinney episode, recorded way back in the fateful Month of Love and Hate, is finally seeing the light of day. Now you can hear me fangirl out over Carrie Brownstein’s guitar playing/hair all over again! Andrew has many nice things to say about Janet Weiss and Corin Tucker too.

It’s not quite like our typical episodes—while I’ve edited out the long silences and managed to put in music (almost all of which is different from the music in our official episode—yes, Sleater-Kinney is just that good!), all the tangents and digressions we usually edit out for the sake of focus have been left in. In addition, my audio is kinda of weird and glitchy throughout, although it’s still (mostly) understandable. So it’s a longer, messier episode, but frankly I think that just adds to its charm. I’ve always been really proud of what we did in this episode, and was super bummed that we weren’t able to release it. So I’m glad we could finally post up this lo-fi rarity for your listening pleasure. Enjoy! Also: Led Zeppelin shirts, Fraggle Rock covers, and one of the most elaborate Sesame Street jokes ever laid to tape.

Shine On—The Corin Tucker Band
A Real Man
Be Yr Mama
Her Again
Heart Attack
The Drama You’ve Been Craving
Buy Her Candy
Things You Say
Start Together
Don’t Talk Like
Quarter to Three
The Ballad of a Ladyman
Youth Decay
The Swimmer
One Beat
Light Rail Coyote
Combat Rock
The Fox
Price Tag
A New Wave
No Anthems
Memorize Your Lines
Nervousness Never Fades—Excuse 17

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