Nostalgia Check: Pete Yorn and Sum 41


Welcome to the latest episode we’ve ever posted! Due to several unfortunate circumstances with regards to work and life, we’re getting this B-Side in right under the wire. Luckily, before long this will all be dust and no one will notice.

Speaking of dust and the ravages of age, welcome to the second installment of Nostalgia Check! In this recurring-but-not-even-a-little-bit-regular special, we each take a band from our youths and reexamine them in the harsh light of adulthood to see if they can withstand it, or if they will simply burn up like so much garbage. This week, we’re once again bringing together a pop-punk band and an early-oughts indie darling: Sum 41’s All Killer No Filler and Pete Yorn’s Musicforthemorningafter.

The result is as much an examination of our former listening habits and the strange entry points we take as it is of entirely pleasant if unremarkable pop music. It’s basically therapy, but far more public and shameful. Also: the Tender Heart Blenders, your first slice of pizza, and the first time anyone has ever spoken of Sylvester Stallone prison drama Lock Up


Fat Lip
In Too Deep
Life on a Chain
On Your Side

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