Episode 60: Silver Jews

Silver Jews

Happy Jews Year!

Is what I would be saying, except that a combination of terrible illness and just bad timing ended up delaying this episode for like, two weeks. It’s been 2019 for ages now. But that’s ok, because if anything’s worth the wait, it’s the world’s best band (fight me): Silver Jews.


Self Ignition
I Love the Rights
Secret Knowledge of the Backroads
Bar Scene From Star Wars
Introduction II
Trains Across the Sea
Advice to the Graduate
New Orleans (lyric)
How to Rent a Room
Pet Politics
Right to Remain Silent
Inside the Golden Days of Missing You
The Ballad of Reverend War Character
Random Rules
Smith and Jones
Slow Education
Time Will Break the World
I Remember Me
Punks in the Beerlight
There is a Place
Sometimes a Pony Gets Depressed
What is Not But Could Be If
Suffering Jukebox
We Could Be Looking For the Same Thing
Pretty Eyes
The Sabellion Rebellion

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