State of the Island


Wow, has it really been nine long, excruciating months since we completely dropped the ball on our passion project? Good lord. Well, we’re back, baby. Or adult. Or whoever is reading this lone missive in the maelstrom of internet detritus.

We won’t get into the nasty details – suffice it to say, some really bad life stuff happened to both of us, simultaneously, that made continuing the podcast impossible for a long time. But we never fully gave up. As this little snippet of an episode explains, we kept sporadically recording episodes in the meantime, and between now and the end of 2019, we’ll be putting them up every week, all leading up to our annual year-in-revue episode.

After that, the podcast will return in earnest with a Godspeed! You Black Emperor episode. There will likely be some changes in our release schedule after that, but we’ll keep you abreast from now on.

To all the friends, fans, and Desert Island Discoursateers who’ve stuck with us through this difficult silence – thank you. I hope these next few episodes make up for the gap, and I hope you stick around to see what we do next, cuz it’s gonna be a doozy.

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